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Find out how which high school flicks to check out with your queer or curious mate herein. This piece dives into the best teen gay movies of years past. Check out select teenager movies below for exciting times with a straight or gay pal. 

guysTeen Gay Experiences

Teenagers go through the toughest times, beginning in middle school, through high school, and sometimes to college. Relationships pose the highest mental stress factors, and once a young man, or woman, finds the one they love, they need to create rapport. When your first date is in order, teenage movies are always the best in breaking the ice, especially when awkwardness arises.

It can also be a safer approach to sealing this new bond without heading to parties, clubs, or applying tips learned from good-for-nothing peers. Some of the best high school movies focused solely on sports, love-struck teens, and heartbreaks. Few, if any, focused on a particular set of adolescents. The onset of teen gay’s movies has made it profoundly easier for many youngsters to come out of the closet, as more young men find cuter ways to engage their crushes.

As mentioned earlier, teenage years are the craziest for almost every adolescent, male or female. With relationships, the experiences of any queer boy can be truly heartbreaking and disheartening, or the most inspiring story ever. These teen gay experiences are sometimes shown on movie screens. The best of these films showcase what it is like to be a gay teen, with some taking on a comedic approach, others leaning more toward sci-fi, and some maintaining a romantic feel. Others hit home more than ever. 

In a predominantly Baptist environment, this movie is about a teenage boy, who it turns as is gay. After his family loses a daughter, the family feels like things are falling apart. It is the perfect teenage gay movie, encompassing a mostly black cast too. 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
A young man going through depression makes new friends as he frets about joining high school. One of the new friends turns out to be gay. This story should resonate with every young teen out there, especially as far as high school years and coming out are concerned. 

The Way He Looks 
A blind kid falls for a few flames in his highs school. Set in an environment that sees the boy coming to terms with being independent while struggling as a blind kid, it is a heartwarming teen gay movie and a must-watch for every adolescent. 

Geography Club 
It is an interesting and fun way to approach LGBTQs in high school, and it centers on a high school quarterback. We all know how tough it is to maintain a macho image in high school yet remain gay. Here, a comedic approach to teen gay experiences sees LGBTQ forming a private group called the Geography club. 

Teens Gay Movies for All Weather

These flicks take on various approaches and may not always center on traditional forms of dating, hooking up, or falling in love. They also might not be as romantic as the rest of them. How about some comedy, perhaps exaggeration or non-conventional means of coming out?

The Curiosity of Chance
As a young man in Europe, a coming-of-age comedy and drama, he decides that getting glammed up and wearing drag is the way to go. Incidentally, it turns out that coming out of the closet requires standing out, and dressing in drag might be the way to go. 

Edge of Seventeen 
It is a crucial age, right after sixteen, when everything seems to be unraveling. A teenager, fixated on moving out of town, has his sexuality to deal with while having an ever-growing obsession for eurhythmics. 

Love, Simon
You might have watched this already, but if not, it is worth checking out. While being blackmailed with the possibility of his hidden sexuality coming out, the main character struggles to figure out who his crush might be. It turns out the ending is tear-jerking yet inspiring, making it one of the best gay teen movies to watch. 

Gun Hill Road
Why is it a teen gay movie? The lead character, played by a tranny woman, and the dad, an ex-con, are precisely what adolescents experience in their coming-out experiences. Upon returning home, the dad discovers that his boy is now a girl and is at the trying stage of transitioning to a full-blown femme. You and any gay friend you have will undoubtedly enjoy this flick. 

My Beautiful Launderette 
Set in the late 1900s, the film revolves around a young Asian man who runs a laundry mart. With time, he inevitably has to deal with racial epithets, discrimination among other things. However, the plot of it all is his relationship with another man, non-Asian. It centers on how one can remain closeted while facing numerous other challenges or letting life evolve and make a life of themselves. 

guysTeenage Gay Love – Heartwarming yet Heartbreaking

Readers might have noticed the above highlights are predominantly old-school flicks. It is interesting to note that the best gay teen movies came out years ago. Could it be that directors met the most real homosexual teens then, who inspired the best gay high school movies? Or is it a chance that makes these films classics and a must-watch for all queer boys? Either way, teenage gay love is exemplified in gay high school movies more than any other flicks. Let’s check out a few captivating high school flicks for every gay teen out there. 

Beautiful Thing
Two teenage boys find love, companionship, and a new way of living with each other. It is what coming-of-age and coming-out is all about, truly experiencing what it is like to be in love without caring what the world thinks. Unlike most homosexual-oriented films, it simplifies the idea of coming out, not making much-ado-about anything. 

Happy Together
A film that is as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking. It revolves around troubled Hong Kong and those living therein, not to mention those with sexual identity issues. As two boys try to find it a tad difficult to let go of their relationship, it turns out everyone else can see it heading nowhere, except them.

Dorian Blues
Feeling overwhelmed yet? How about coming out to dad, super-star-athlete of a brother, and the world (including yourself?). The funniest part of the film is an experience many a young gay man will have – being put through tests meant to straighten you out.

A young man comes out while still in high school, prompting a bunch of girls to seek him as their queer BFF. Despite this newfound fame, as it were, he also finds his union with a tight gay buddy being tried. At one point, he goes through a full makeover, turning him into a queen, as it were. 

Gay Teen Romance Movies

It is where the tears drop, the music drops too, and hearts drop for several reasons. The most epic gay teen romance movies capture it all, including a bit of humor but almost always revolving around heartbreak. 

It is an interesting film for several reasons. It should have been titled oblivious, for the fact that a seemingly sharp teenager finds herself falling a dude, who, it turns out, is gay. Another part of this flick making it more interesting is the character of the gentleman, who seems oblivious to his gayness too.

Get Real 
Yes, leaving nothing to chance and instead embrace your sexuality, this film revolves around two brits. These young men navigate their way through teenage while coming-of-age, as it was. Having to deal with peer pressure, romance, or lack of, as well as sports and machoism, is a tough environment. It is also tougher to find time to be yourself sexually.

As far as teen gay movies go, the film centers on track athletes who find love for the first time. Here, the boys are practicing for an upcoming race, and all along sharing ice cream kisses et al. It was voted as highly addictive, honest, and uplifting. It is a must-watch for young queer boys out there. 

It is another coming-of-age story, set in Cuba, whereby a father has a tough time understanding why his son is homosexual. The boy plans to take on crossdressing, or drag as it was, and his father, only recently an ex-con, can’t fathom the same. It is beautiful as it is heartwarming. 

guysTeenage Gay Films – Coming out, and of Age

Find yourself in a bit of a tough spot, trying to figure out if you should come out or remain in the dark while dating homosexual men? Some films highlight the nitty-gritty of gay relationships, taking into account the realness of it all, including safety concerns and family, societal dynamics. Explore if you will a few neat teenage gay films that are bound to make a man out of you. 

Beach Rats
Another old-school flick centers on a dude who spends an ample amount of time making out with his girlfriend. While his girlfriend is fulfilled, he has ample time to hang out with the lads, most of them up-to-no-good hoodlums. The nitty-gritty of the film is his clandestine relationships with men he encounters online – a film bound to resonate and hit home with many-a-gay-man today. 

Totally F***ed Up
How about a film capturing it all; the good, the bad, and perhaps the ugly side of gay adolescent relationships? This film highlights a group of queer adolescents struggling to get along while dealing with society and every other gay-related problem possible. 

The Toilers and Wayfarers
It centers on two young men trying very hard to conceal their sexual identities, and in the process, end up feeling quite overwhelmed. Their saving grace shows up in the form of German kin, who accompanies them out of town as they seek a place to be themselves.

The Delta 
It is one of few teenage gay films focusing on fantasies around strange men with similar desires who might introduce you to finer things in life. A teenager seems to have it all together, with a girlfriend, a group of male friends, and a decent life. He also has a sinister, clandestine life around gay men and having sex with said men. At one point, he meets a stranger, and they embark on a dangerous escapade.

Gay Movies Teens Can Enjoy in 2021

Seeing as we are in 2021, it makes sense to seek movies found on Netflix and other streaming sites. These flicks may or might not be recent productions, but they are easily available for all teens to enjoy on tablets or smart TVs. 

The Boys in the Band
Precisely that, it centers on a young gay boy during the sixties and how the public was still shy about letting it all hang out during these times. Originally a play on Broadway, it clearly touched the hearts of many and found its way onto Netflix. 

Dear Ex 
If ever there was a touching love story, Dear ex is it, with a gay father having passed on and a troubled young man. It seems the dad had a clandestine relationship with another dude and happened to bequeath everything to him. It leaves the kid somewhat disgruntled, confused, and sandwiched between a widowed mom and a widower.

The list would not be complete without another black-oriented film, this time a coming-of-age story around a gay black man. As he navigates his way through growing up, coming out, and bonding with his dad, the film has been summed up as devastating, definitely touching, and heartwarming. 
Bottom Line
Enjoy watching a gay teen film with family, friends, or a loved one. It is the perfect setup to break the ice not only with a lover but with family as well. Picture a family lacking understanding of anything gay-oriented. With such films, one needs only time behind the screen to help change mindsets of those blood relations and the new relationships you seek to create. 

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