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This piece highlights dives into flirtatious experiences between straight and gay guys. Is there any real way to tell if a straight guy is flirting with you, you being a straight or gay man yourself? Find out how to read the signs herein.

A Straight Guy Gone Rogue?

Are there any real means by which one can substantiate that a member of the same sex is outright flirtatious? What makes a straight guy wink at, rub his chest or ogle at another man? With or without alcohol or drugs, more men are becoming flirtatious with their male counterparts. 

It seems like it is open season for men, as hot straight guys go gay. But in light of all this, what exactly do we mean by going gay? Going gay could be entirely relative and subjective, based on perspectives. When straight guys do gay, it usually implies sexual favors and intimate affairs. However, a curious straight guy may simply be seeking to know your sexual preferences yet not be interested at all in engaging in gay activities.

What does it mean to veer from being straight to gay? Men all over the world smack each other’s bottoms at the gym or wild parties. It can sometimes be construed as borderline gay. However, there are ways to filter out straight, curious guys. 

Incidentally, it has little to do with dress codes and more to do with talk. 

  • When hot straight guys go gay, it almost always revolves around alcohol. It is because they found a way to let their inhibitions loose. Part of letting loose includes kissing another man, performing oral sex, or simply rubbing each other. For most straight guys, it takes a lot to get them sexually active with the opposite sex. 
  • Straight guys go gay when the need arises, according to some revelations. Incidentally, boredom while dating women and open-mindedness in the community all contribute to straight guys opening up. Almost every hot straight dude will have a gay experience during their lifetime, be it alcohol-induced or behind closed doors. 

guysStraight Guy Gay Hunting 

When men seek a gay/bisexual experience, it almost always takes place on the web. Online dating platforms are a key to anonymous and discreet connections. Most straight men doing gay stuff partake in said activities over the internet. Here, you can find similar-minded dudes for intimate, raunchy chatting and video sharing. It is easier engaging in naughty, sexual encounters over discreet forums. 

Here, straight curious guys seek gay men for fun times and sometimes for more than sexual escapades. It is the perfect setting to avoid ridicule, harassment, and indeed heartbreak. If you would like to know how to get a straight guy to do stuff with you, the safest and most exciting method involves online dating. Use flirty pre-set texts to break the ice with straight guys going gay. 

What Does It Mean When a Married Man Flirts?

It is no surprise to find married men, and women, seeking affairs over the internet. It gets quite interesting when a straight man, seemingly married, begins flirting with you. Most married couples have one or two sexual fantasies swept under the rug, including a desire to explore same-sex opportunities. If a straight man flirted with me, it would mean they were willing to explore non-conforming sexual behaviors. However, being a married man might imply he and his wife are looking to be a Throuple or require a ménage a Trois. 

Straight Guys Gone Queer

Is there such a thing as becoming queer, or are we all born with a homosexual gene in us? For many straight guys, knowing a gay streak exists happens when a curious straight guy begins wearing female attire. Also known as crossdressing, this activity almost always signifies a gay streak. 

However, not all gay men wear female clothes. Some of the most openly gay men are athletes, many of whom are straight guys who happen to be athletes. A straight guy and gay tendencies go hand in hand. It is no secret that most boys dress up as girls at one point or another in their lives. Whether they pursue this habit to adulthood is an example of straight guys doing gay stuff, nothing more. 

What Defines the Straight Man?

Learning to flirt with a straight guy is tough, especially when risking these in bars and clubs. It is even harder when the men you are engaging are the alpha male type, perhaps firemen, athletes, or even police officers. That said, gay men flirting with straight guys can work wonders and end in mind-blowing sexual encounters. 

The straight man seems to be defined based on dress, activities, and attractions. These attractions include sexual desires for the same sex, along with an attraction for all things male, like sports, beer drinking, and politics. Incidentally, straight guys going gay have all these qualities, along with a dozen more alpha-male traits. Therefore, knowing how to tell if a straight guy is flirting with you needs finesse and a bit of luck. 

guysStraight Guys Messing Around – No Harm Done 

As mentioned earlier, straight guys mess around predominantly while under the influence. It almost always involves oral or anal sex and can be quite flattering if done with the right people. Some hot straight guys go gay and never turn back, much to their surprise and pleasure. 

  • Most gay flirting signs revolve around tongue licking, rubbing chests, and smacking butts. It is the same approach straight guys use when messing around. It is a clear indication that their sexual preferences can waver if the opportunity presents itself. 
  • Straight guys doing gay stuff is becoming more prevalent as most societies embrace the idea publicly. So, as men hug each other longer, and hold hands for a while, perhaps even going to movies together, these are signs of male bonding. 
  • Certain things turn straight men curious, including the advent of popular online dating sites. Here, you get to meet open-minded and out-of-the-closet gay men seeking men for fun times. It is the perfect scenario for straight guys messing around. 

When a Straight Guy Goes Gay

It is one of the most fabulous transformations to witness, primarily because said individual exhibits total happiness. When a seemingly straight guy goes gay, they might change their attire completely. Most men who are closeted gays may experience heartbreak year in, year out, without the breaker knowing anything. It is because the heartbreak occurs between the straight guy and another man, unknown to the latter. 

When a straight guy goes gay, companionship changes and they seek friendlier gay men to engage. These men are usually sought in online forums, as opposed to bars and clubs. A straight man needs to find gay loving online because of this new environment. Not having the correct backup can lead to disastrous affairs. Check out straight guys doing gay stuff online today, and decide to join or steer clear.

Curious Straight Guy Gone Wild 

The most common form of a curious male seeking to let loose occurs in Cancun, Mexico, during spring break. For Americans, the need to let loose is always facilitated publicly, and no holds are barred. Curious males take it a step further with binge drinking and partying, much to the surprise of friends and the pleasure of others. What are the signs of a curious straight guy?

  • He will make it abundantly clear over the phone, during live chats online, or discreetly through chatrooms or private messaging. 
  • Some dudes play it safe, blaming alcohol for a crazy night of doing gay stuff. It turns out they were experiencing something dreamt of for years to date. 
  • The most fabulous curious straight guy will dress the part. Knowing how accommodating the public is nowadays, it is easy to spot what would be called gay attire in previous years. 

guysA Gay Man Flirted with Me – Now What? 

A gay dude hitting on you may not mean as much as you think it does. Being straight, you might feel uncomfortable, but there are plenty of explanations for the same. 

He probably sensed your bi-curious traits and wanted to engage to see if you’d respond or react. It turns out you reacted, which is why this question is still pending. 

  1. Additionally, you might be a lady wondering why an openly gay man is hitting on you. It is all in good fun, and he probably wants some fashion tips or is simply pushing your buttons.
  2. If you are bi-curious and wonder what to do next time it happens, what do you think should happen? Take a chance at love, but if it seems unsafe, drag a friend along for your first date. 
  3. They can be there for your first three or four coffee dates, and then let you be when you feel comfortable engaging sexually. 
  4. Incidentally, nothing is hotter than gay guys hitting on me. Here’s why. If you are attractive enough for men, rest assured countless women find you attractive. 
  5. It is an unwritten rule that a straight guy flirting with me should first buy me a few drinks. So, enjoy the little pleasures of getting on by queer men everywhere, but be careful not to make it a habit of using them. 

How to Flirt with a Gay Guy 

Like every individual out there, gay men love to be asked about their innermost desires, aside from sexual escapades. If a man you are engaging loves to talk with, ask him about culinary skills and tastes. If he loves cooking, mention how you don’t like cooking but would love someone to teach you. They might now know you are hitting on them, but cooking opens doorways for intimacy. 

Send memes, emojis, and the like if you are texting. It helps break the ice, but more importantly, when a straight guy flirts with a gay friend, it opens up a world of very safe, uninhibited fun. A friend won’t do you wrong (so we hope), so why not flirt with them teasingly. They might guide you safely to a new, desirable world.

Tips on Guys Flirting with Other Guys 

Also, make use of information you have regarding their tastes to engage them. Mention movies, food, events, and ideologies they stand for. It doesn’t imply you must find common ground or even agree with his notions, but being interested in what he likes is a start. 

Lastly, make a note of what he likes and dislikes, and equally important are birthdays or pride month. Keeping tabs on anyone’s birthday or the most important month of their lifestyle is a key to hitting the bullseye. 

guysHow to Get a Straight Guy to Like You – Queer Guys Flirting

Regardless of your intentions with this (apparent) straight guy, here are a few pointers on things to avoid: 

  1. Never impose on a straight man your need for sexual favors. If you feel he is a good company, stick to common ground. Play sports, take part in straight-men activities, and steer clear of gay conversations. 
  2. If he seems to be bi-curious, ask him before making any sexual advances. Nothing puts off straight men more than being smothered with innuendos they don’t particularly fancy.
  3. Ask him about his day, ideals, pet peeves, anything that shows you’d like to know him. Straight men take seconds to know a guy is hitting on them. Thus, if he feels uncomfortable, he should let you know almost instantly.

Bottom Line – Men Flirting with Men

There is nothing cuter than men flirting with men, and this is most common with a straight boy drunk. It is an experience many men wish they could have, without chances of ridicule or harassment. It is why online dating is becoming more popular, providing discretion and anonymity for every physical desire out there. Check out young naked straight boys discreetly online, and tick to flirting with other guys in fun, safe chatrooms. 

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