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This piece on the LGBTQ community highlights gay animal terms. Few people know that a bear may not always resemble a fat, hairy-bodied dude. Find out which category you might fit into or where to place your crush based on the info below.

Gay Bears – Gay Slang?

A hairy man is sometimes known as a bear, although normally, the word implies a cuddly furry and humble individual. In queer terminologies, bears could imply everything from rough-sex-seeking dudes to a well-rounded hairy homosexual man. Gay animal terms may signify the attachment to a homosexual way of living and animal instincts. 

These names stem from a need to remain mysterious, but unlike stripper names, they point to more adventurous, wild creatures. Otter gay slang refers to someone with a hairy body but a much smaller body frame. Incidentally, you will be happy to hear there are plenty more types of gay men for you to enjoy, all boasting different descriptions. 

Queer men seem to have the cutest slang words possible. Examine lesbians or kinks and fetishes. Most sexually diverse encounters boast lewd and somewhat derogatory terms. With homosexual men, the urban dictionary boasts definitions galore linked to types of gays. Bears traditionally are men with excessively hairy bodies. However, there is a stipulation to being called a bear. 

The body frame would have to be well-rounded, chubby if you will; otherwise, bears will be known as something else. This other definition would be the otter individual. Historically, any hairy dude, regardless of shape and size, was termed a bear. With time, the queer community coined hairy dudes as bears. With these definitions were incepted even more terms, defining different types of gay men. 

Explore Different Types of Gay Men

  • For example, a young and upcoming bear is known as a cub (no surprise there). So, don’t be surprised if you meet a few cubs online, not to be confused with a younger MILF (cougar).
  • The otter is also known as slim, a fitting name for someone with a smaller frame. When the need to be specific arises, the slang word otter is used in place of slim. 
  • Lastly, the list would have to include a clean-looking, smooth man. These types of gay men are known as ‘manatees’ and are, by definition, well-rounded or larger framed men. 

Bear (Gay Culture) – What Is It?

Before diving into gay bear culture, did you know that a certain piece called ‘Who’s Who in the Zoo …’ categorized queer men into 7 different animal types. However, the gay bear culture emphasizes masculinity, which, it turns out, revolves around being hairy, with large bodies and no signs of femininity. 

Some bears even moved away from conventional, all-inclusive clubs to form theirs. These groups sought to make it acceptable to be a hairy dude of whatever size and be comfortable in your body type. Some gay bear men formed bike gangs, with leather-patched attires and specific policies and mandates for one to join. It has become a full-on movement catering to the movement, along with several administrative issues. 

Some bear men participate in what is known as bear contests. These men showcase their talents and bodies while wearing leather costumes and several other accessories. Some of the prizes work fall under Grizzly (bear), Muscle Bear, Cubs, and Daddy. Incidentally, there have grown some sub-cultures and groups linked to bears.

These come about because certain bears feel there needs to be more to a bear than simply being hairy. For instance, some muscle-bound bears feel that plump yet hairy gay men do not fit their standards. Thus a real or original bear should not be a tranny or any form of sexual deviance that falls outside what they stand for. 

guysCan You Tame a Gay Wolf?

Maybe if we knew what a gay wolf is first, would we be able to know if it can be tamed? According to gay radars everywhere, a wolf is the most sought-after queer man ever! Incidentally, he would have to be hairy (of course) and pull off some amazing looks. A wolf will not be fat. Quite the opposite, he is probably leaning more toward aesthetics than anything. You might encounter a wolf at your local gym, perhaps out and about jogging. Either way, they are bound to be up to something riveting and physically challenging when it comes to hobbies. 

  1. When it comes to wolf men, it boils down to dressing, eating habits, and of course, exercising. A wolf will not have a full-hairy body. Most commonly, they boast little facial hair, a little on the torso, and of course, plenty around the chest region. 
  2. This terminology can be attributed to their frames being slightly smaller than your regular, real bear. With aesthetically sound bodies and less hair, it makes sense to call such body types gay wolves. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that anyone called a wolf will be mysteriously good-looking, with a personality to boot. 
  3. Interestingly, you will find hybrids or something of the sort when there is a mix of otters, muscle-bound bears, and a captivating wolf. In most cases, and according to the queer community, these men almost always turn out to be the strong type. For illustration purposes, it means that they will most likely be the top rather than the bottom.
  4. To make it cuter, aging wolves are coined grey wolves. This slang term is about greying hair, which in turn makes them a favorite for young men seeking sugar daddies. Thus, as you hop onto the online dating scene, keep these terminologies in mind when creating preference lists or using search functions. 

Wolf Gay – Ravishing

Incidentally, bears have their flag, which boasts a paw print on one of the corners. Wolf men are not without a flag, and in 2015, they embraced theirs with a wolf silhouette on the top left corner. Lest we forget, a wolf is by definition a hair, slightly smaller gay man, in comparison to ample-sized bears. However, a few men are identifying as wolf dudes, but with clean-shaved bodies. In this case, the wolf term will include a few other traits. 

  1. The male, in this case, will have muscular yet slender legs – nothing buffed for sure. 
  2. Perhaps he will have a bubble-butt or boast a slim back. 
  3. He will be well-toned, again, not buffed. Rather, he will have to be lean in terms of muscle mass, biceps, triceps, or legs. 
  4. Lastly, and to the pleasure of all men and women out there, they will inevitably have a small waistline.

Otter Gay Definition – What Is a Bear Otter?

Interestingly enough, we are simply moving away from bigger gentlemen to slightly smaller frames, not too far from wolf men, though. Reading this digest, you probably are out of the closet now and seeking a homosexual experience. The chances are that you are not outwardly queer and are looking for the right terms to use when engaging homosexual men. 

We’ve covered the wolf term and the fact that a bear otter is a younger, slimmer type of bear – no relation to the animal.

As you proceed to hop onto hookup sites, be reminded there are ways to search for what you need. Many dating forums have options to select bears, daddy, cub, and other types of gay men. It is remarkably easier to locate, chat and flirt with bear men online than in public areas. 

While still a freshman in queer relationships and incidentally in otter slang, there are further variations to definitions of homosexual men. These need to be skimmed over to eliminate chances of disappointment on that first date. 

  1. A twink is a younger, more assertive, and aggressive homosexual dude. Most twinks fall under young and vibrant, yet still clean-looking, clean shaved, and with little reservations. 
  2. On that note, there is a variation known as a twink bear, which would imply the same mentioned above, plus the added hair on the chest, for starters. 
  3. Simply put, the twink bear could be a slight variation of a wolf – perhaps with less hair, younger, and more arrogant/confident.
  4. Essentially, a twink could be considered the exact opposite of a bear; usually exceedingly smaller framed, hairless, and much younger. 

guysOtter Gay Slang

Otter gay slang and other homosexual names came about due to secrecy or anonymity issues. When queer men felt a need to discuss their sexual escapades or relationships in public, they found it easier describing themselves using such names. Thus, names like otters, plus the opposite of twink being a bear, were easier ways to avoid persecution. Nowadays, they have become cute names to use when online dating or hooking up at bars, rather than ways to avoid punishment.

Otter slang is perfect when affair dating. For instance, many married men flirt with twinks, bears, or cubs offline, at bars or clubs. However, when the same is carried out on chats, be they on hookup sites or messaging, it gets risky. Picture a wife who knows nothing about her hubby’s escapades, finding out he is queer-hunting simply because he knows nothing about covert measures. Using otter slang and other lingo linked to types of gay men makes for safer, discreet chatting, flirting, and relationships in general. 

Thus, the difference between a bear and twink is entirely in the hairiness. Simply put, a twink could still fall under the bear category if only they have more hair. They could slowly find their way to being called otters, while transitioning to wolves might be even easier. 

The Twink Bear and Other Types of Gay Men

While on otters and bears, sub-cultures focus primarily on lifestyles and slight variants of the above-mentioned queer types. One of these variations is the Beefcake. It is a large man, perhaps leaning more toward being a bear than any other type of gay. Incidentally, he will spend tons of hours at the gym and every hour after that gulping down some health drinks. 

Other types of queer men are described based on sexual preferences, perhaps even how they like to be handled. For instance, a twink might be more inclined to be a bottom. It, in sexual lingo, refers to the submissive one, who loves to be handled, and on the receiving end. Most bears and indeed otters prefer to top, i.e., they are the ones pounding or pleasing the bottoms. 

Insight shows that sizes play a significant role in how a homosexual man is named and how they participate in sexual activities. The otters, bears, and wolves will predominantly take control, while a gay cub, twink, twunk, and pup will always remain dominant. Exceptions are rare in these cases. 

Bad Things to Call Good Men

On otter slang and calling homosexual men fancy names, it is important to take note of lewd or offensive terms used to describe homosexual men. If one is unaware, simply refraining from calling one a homo doesn’t mean all other terms are acceptable. For example: 

  1. Fairy – a derogatory term insinuating that a man is effeminate; there is nothing muscular or manly about him. In extreme cases, men termed fairies would be ridiculed and compared to kids wearing ballerina dresses while maintaining their boyhood.
  2. Faggot – if you’ve spent enough time in nightclubs, statements like these are a dime-a-dozen from homophobic crowds. It is the worst way to display your hatred for a same-sex couple, or indeed a homosexual young man. 

Other slang terms used in the gay community hover around behaviors rather than perceptions of homosexual men. 

  1. Vanilla ­describes someone interested in simple, traditional relationships – nothing extreme or diluted like BDSM. 
  2. Iron Closet describes someone who, for family, societal or personal reasons, might remain closeted indefinitely. 
  3. Power Bottom is a submissive dude who tends to play the powerhouse, top character once in a while. 
  4. Chubby Chaser one who likes his queer-meat plump, soft, and fun with love handles. 
  5. Yestergay – perhaps to avoid a certain stalker, this man will insinuate that he is a changed man and is now straight – but those who know him are aware that he isn’t. 

Other lingo revolves around specific traits in a homosexual man, not just hairiness or hiding behind their sexuality. 

  1. Daddy – refers to a man who loves strong drinks; old is gold but has a much younger taste in men. 
  2. Versatile – a homosexual dude who likes it both ways, but deep down inside, he likes it deep down inside
  3. Cub – a smaller, younger type of bear, but one who is larger than the otter, yet still less plump than what would be coined a pig.

guyGay Animal Terms – Nitty Gritty

Steering clear of otter slang and other common lingo used to describe same-sex couples, there are select animal gay terms used to describe a vast number of queers – including those discharged (dishonorably) from the army.

  • Butterfly –As luck would have it, it is one of the simplest terms to understand, implying a homosexual man moving from one dude to another. These types of gays might, in fact, sleep with all men they flirt with. 
  • Chickenhawk –an older gentleman who seeks hot, younger dudes primarily for physical desires. 
  • Gym Rat ­– another easy-to-understand term for any being – focuses on the dude who spends an ample amount of time building muscle and even more hours post-workout talking about his gym shenanigans. 
  • Dolphin –on bears, this is a sub-division of these queer men, but with a slender frame, hairless, and physically fit body. 
  • Bull – ­a ridiculously muscled hunk of a man, with or without hair, who may also be a gym rat, but interestingly enough, could be a top or bottom. 
  • Pig –not sure why this is part of the lingo because it seems to lean more toward derogatory terms. However, the gay community embraces it as a term for an overly sexual 
  • Shrimp -another seemingly lewd, somewhat derogatory term, yet one fully embraced by the gay community. It refers to a gay man with remarkably ugly facial features but a ridiculously sexy physique. The idea stems from the practice of savoring a shrimp while discarding anything to do with the head. 
  • Lounge lizard -a dude that spends ample time in clubs trying to capture other people’s partners. He is similar to ladies who can’t keep their hands off married men and can be quite distasteful. 

As you seek like-minded love or lust with gay men in your neighborhood, rest assured these terms will point you in the right direction. Incidentally, you might be an otter bear or twink yourself and were unsure how to classify yourself. Either way, these terms are surefire ways to get you dating compatible people soonest.

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