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Find the most exciting gay anime shows for you and your partner to enjoy. The most real anime gay shows boast real-life situations involving humorous characters, with some hitting close to home. Read on and explore a few shows worth checking out.

guyFun Anime Gay Shows for Your Viewing Pleasure

When it comes to enjoying the little pleasures of life, dating almost always plays a key role in one’s happiness. Whether straight or queer, create lasting relationships using all available means. Aside from using online platforms to facilitate relationships, there is an undeniable need for decent bonding activities. 

  • Thus, as you break the ice on your first date or seek to cement your bond, gay anime is the safest approach to use. Boys seeking boys for relationships have it harder in the real world, and when they finally find someone, they need proper activities for bonding purposes. 
  • Most shows highlight some dating challenges gay men face, while modern anime boy love shows take into account family dynamics as well.
  • Entertainment has come a long way over the past few decades, and these changes integrate day-to-day struggles met in straight and homosexual dating. 

That said, there are select gay anime shows worth checking out on television, Netflix, and even DVD. These fall under various genres, including romance and comedy. They facilitate bonding using different approaches, from the serious types to slapstick humor.

Paradise Kiss

This show lets audiences enjoy a movie experience extremely close to home with fabulous, emotional characters and events. One character, George, happens to be bi, while Isabella is a tranny. These are everyday experiences of queer men and women, and the show promises to include fun fashion trends to boot. 

Stars Align

Another show hitting close to home, or school, boasts a tennis background, as boys fight their way through sports and sexuality. While trying to make sense of sexual identity in schools, sports always play a key role in securing masculinity or making it even more uncomfortable. In one episode, tranny experiences are shared, while another character explains their non-binary traits.

Check out the Best Gay Anime

The best gay anime falls under various genres, but most host characters are easily relatable. Let’s check out a few gay anime movies for fun times as you bond with a like-minded partner. 

Wandering Son 

There are very interesting characters, enough to put a smile on any same-sex couple. It turns out one of the characters is more masculine, and the other more feminine than their genders imply. It hits home with any audience baffled by their sexuality or the existence of several genders among them. It centers on adolescence and the approach to understanding romance from a queer point of view. 

Ranma ½ 

One of the most popular anime shows to date; this feature hit home with many viewers as it highlights fluidness. Incidentally, it centers on a character’s ability to swap gender, i.e., male or female, at one’s discretion. 

guysExplore Select Gay Anime on Netflix 2020

Netflix and other streaming sites like Hulu are no strangers to hosting cool, refreshing gay animes. On this platform, you can check out seriously sexy anime shows for members of all ages. 

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 

When one character has had enough working under unsatisfactory terms, he moves to another publishing company. Here, he meets an old pal and flame, and the two seek to reignite their flame. One character is a tad reluctant to fall in love again due to heartbreaks. However, his friend promises to work on getting them reacquainted.

Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan

Characters in this fantasy-filled Chinese anime center on various themes. It revolves around science fiction, drama, magic as well as computer games. The main characters seem to be at loggerheads at one point, moving swiftly to become friends in another episode. It is a fantastic anime show to watch multiple times, in different settings and varying moods.

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

The show revolves around beautiful men, as they are called. One of these characters has an uncanny ability to know someone’s history after lightly touching them. It leads him to develop several enemies, but after an incident leaves him almost dead, he seems to have found his purpose. A handsome dark-haired man saves him, and he suddenly develops deep connections with him. 

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

Set in the mid-19th century, the story revolves around a disgruntled man called Dio, who a relative takes in after his father’s passing. With time and generations later, one of the main character’s grandkids is at the center of the plot, and it turns out the entire show is gay-centered. 

One-Punch Man

Full of comedy, this gay boy anime revolves around a dude who gains super power abilities with strenuous exercises over time. Eventually, he seems to be invincible and, for some reason, transforms to superhuman form while also becoming naked.

Gay Anime Shows for Boys to Enjoy

These are a dime-a-dozen over the web, and some may not be found on Netflix, but they are available on Hulu and other streaming services. Check out a few titles below falling under various genres that are worth checking out. 

Devilman: Crybaby 

It is precisely what it seems to imply; characters have to merge with dark forces to fight the devil and come out victorious. It turns out the devil in this case, i.e., Satan, is homosexual. It is revealed during the show as he (Satan) falls for one of the main characters called Akira. It is a supernatural flick centering around love and dark forces. Boys love anime shows that are well-rounded, not dramas or heartbreaking shows only. 

Yuri!!! On ICE

A figure skater loses his stardom and reverts to being a hermit, even gaining weight in the process. It turns out one of his admirers liked his final performances, and he sets out to draw him out of isolation. With time, they get together, and with this new mentorship, they inevitably fall for each other. It is a show focusing on disillusionment that takes place after victory turns sour and how love can be found in all the right places, even under tough circumstances. 

Love Stage

Perhaps the most interesting and twisted manga anime show you will watch centers today on an interesting turn-on event. One character, with extremely feminine traits, seems to be the crush of another. However, it turns out the character that is falling in love has no idea that Izumi is a dude with feminine features. However, even after this ‘secret’ comes to light, the Ryouma cannot help but maintain his love for Izumi.

artSelect Gay Anime TV Show

It is not difficult to find the best gay anime TV shows, whether your television network hosts them or you stream them. These shows are plentiful on the web, and the fact that boys love anime makes them that much more exciting for gay dating. 


With a tear-jerking ending, this gay anime tv show centers on a fantasy existence, a utopia, if you will. At some point, a boy is allowed to seek shelter in the home of another. Slowly but surely, the host develops deep thoughts regarding the person he is hosting. It turns out No. 6 is the name of this utopian existence, and slowly but surely, the displayed boy begins to question the eerie realms. It is a must-watch for anyone seeking top gay anime shows. 


Revolving around two boys and their soon-to-be-famous bands, this show is a must-watch as it boasts music, comedy, and of course, romance. One boy seems to have his band in order, and he focuses on wooing his crush, called Yuki. As the two bounce back and forth, with one eagerly trying to impress the other, it is a fast-paced show with plenty of glitz and glamour.

Fancy Some Gay Boy Anime?

What could be more inspiring than anime shows focusing on life-related incidents? 


A young man struggles with the loss of his lover in the form of a homosexual partner. Shutting himself away from the world, the young man focuses on learning to play the guitar while struggling with bereavement. Through a tragedy, it seems the boy finds a way to channel these feelings through his music, or does he? 

Heaven Official’s Blessing

After transitioning to a different existence, a prince called Xie Lian finds love in unlikely circumstances. The show is based on a novel with the same title, and it boasts the coolest, vibrant colors and costumes around. It is the perfect boy love anime for heartwarming representations of queer young men finding love. 

Bottom Line – Enjoy Top Gay Anime

Gay anime has been around for decades, and Japanese television is not without several of these. Finding the perfect show for that intimate evening with your gay lover is easy. Simply peruse Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services to enjoy some of the cute gay anime titles listed above. Anime boy love is only a click away.

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